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Our Mission

Every day, we strive to act, work and deliver in such a way that we can be proud of the people and professionals we are. 

We want to build solutions which bring tangible business value for our partners, based on data.

We provide solutions that we truly believe in. 

Krzysztof Palczewski, Founder & CEO at
Krzysztof Palczewski
Founder & CEO
About Us - Tech agnostics
Our story

Our Story is a data science boutique, founded to help companies innovate with their data. Simply.


The name "" is a shortened version of "gradient," which is based on the widely known (in the ML community) "stochastic gradient descent" optimization. It reflects our obsessive drive to tackle business problems with deep technical expertise. (Our company's name was originally "Optimal Gradient," but we also optimized that!) 

There are multiple algorithms, solutions, open source frameworks and other tools which have made data science and data engineering accessible to the majority of companies. It is also easy to get lost in such a dynamic world.

We met with numerous companies to discuss with business owners their needs regarding data, and we realized that one has to have a comprehensive approach to every data project.

So here we are, implementing state-of-the-art data science and data engineering frameworks, reducing risk, time and costs.

We also develop our own "frameworks," which are basically knowledge of our employees and external contractors. Speaking of contractors, we have a wide network of bright engineers and we never hesitate to avail ourselves of them! 

We are tech agnostic, because we build solutions based on our partners' needs, not based on the most convenient framework for our team.

It is clear that we have internal knowledge and insights into what is efficient and what type of technology most often works, but we approach every project individually. This means taking into consideration technological debt, openness to change or cost of change management.

We also know our specialties and current resources, so if there are specific tasks which require employees who are not currently available, we openly talk about the issue and source contractors from our network or find creative, professional solutions.

Being tech agnostic also means that we try to stay up-to-date with production-ready open source solutions and external providers (e.g., cloud providers) so that we can execute projects with the current best practices.

Tech agnostic company
Google Cloud Console
Apache Hadoop
Apache Airflow
GitLab CI/CD
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
Microsoft Azure

We are tech agnostic

Want to join us? (Image by Dillon Mangum)

Want to join or partner with us?

We are constantly striving to be ahead of the data world, and we are open to sharing our experience, as well as learning from others.

We invite data science labs and institutions that have specific needs for industry experts to contact us.

We’re also constantly developing our network of external contractors so that we can be absolutely technology independent in projects for our clients. Thus, external contractors working in data science, data engineering or data visualization are welcome to contact us. 

Lastly, if you’re an industry expert or ambitious almost-intern and you have a strong feeling that you would be a good fit at, you are more than welcome to contact us. Sometimes we have a need for specific skills or attitudes for temporary or long-term cooperation.

Delivering on-time, professional, valuable services for our clients is always our top priority. By the same token, we are passionate about our work and we are open to discussing and creating with other passionate, visionary organizations and individuals.

Think big, act bigger.

Big thanks to Ania Bui for the logo.

You can check out Ania's work at


Contact Us

Contact Us

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EU: +48 22 266 23 67

US: +1 484 449 3893

Twarda 18, 00-105,

Warsaw, Poland

VAT EU: PL5252850261

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